Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply is based in the heart of southern Oregon in the small town of Merlin.  Oregon offers some of the best wild country in the world. It has forged us into who we are, and  inspires us to live free and to do what we love. That is why in 2007, Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply was established.

We were raised to hunt, fish and appreciate the wild.  Our passions drove us to construct top of the line firearms so we could do the things we love better.  We pride ourselves in creating our products from start to finish.  Our rifles have been designed and refined over years to fit our own first hand experiences.

Why the mule?

  1. They’re F**kin’ rad!
  2. They can destroy more than you!
  3. They will stomp and kill cougars and coyotes (we hate cougars and coyotes).
  4. They are well trained, calm, loyal and patient.
  5. Because they do what they want and so do we!
As you can see, this describes us perfectly.  The mule has inspired us and we respect the nature of the beast.

Here at S.M.O.S ARMS, we do as the mule!

Matt Morris:  President  

Outdoorsman, avid hunter, trapper, firearm enthusiast, free American!


Family, outdoors, hunting, fishing, riding bikes and horses, rafting, beer drinking, firearm enthusiasts, free Americans!

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