What We Do

Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply has been making high end OEM parts for several years now. Our goal is to provide our customers with product that gives them a competitive edge on the market. We are dedicated to our work and it shows in our quality. 
S.M.O.S. uses the latest technology and creative thinking to produce the closest thing to perfection we can achieve. Our operators inspect each part as it leaves the CNC machine.  After creation, every part is meticulously hand sanded to perfect refinement for the enthusiast. 
Our OEM team has been making parts for reputable companies since the beginning.  We have set and maintained the highest quality control standards. We have pride in what we do and our quality shows that.  Our team understands the importance of fit and finish for the end user. 

If you have any questions or are interested in S.M.O.S. manufacturing parts for you, please contact us to discuss our terms. 

Email: orders@smosarms.com

Phone: 541-955-6548

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