• SMOS Lower Parts Kit W/O Safety Selector 556

SMOS Lower Parts Kit W/O Safety Selector 556

$ 29.95

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SMOS lower parts kit includes most of the necessary parts to build up your lower group except the commonly upgraded parts. Does not include Safety Selector, Trigger, Trigger Guard, Fire Control Group, and pistol grip.




SMOS Take Down Pin (1)

SMOS Pivot Pin (1)

Take Down Pin Detents (2)

Take Down/Pivot Detent Springs (2)

Safety Selector Detent (1)

Safety Selector Detent Spring (1)

Bolt Catch (1)

Bolt Catch Spring (1)

Bolt Catch Plunger (1)

Bolt Catch Pin (1)

Buffer Retainer (1)

Buffer Retainer Spring (1)

Magazine Release Button (1)

Magazine Catch Spring (1)

Magazine Catch (1)



Safety Selector 

Trigger Guard

Trigger Pins

Fire Control Group



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